Choosing Plastic Over Wood or Metal Fencing
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Choosing Plastic Over Wood or Metal Fencing

Choosing plastic fencing over wood and metal is a great idea. Although plastic is a little more expensive, you will be saving money in the long run.

Many homeowners love fences because it adds uniqueness as well as privacy between their neighbors. When choosing the type of material to use many homeowners choose to use wood as it looks nice. However, there are many drawbacks to building a wood fence. Wood fencing requires maintenance as wood will warp and rot over time. It is common that wood boards may need to be replaced. Other times people will use metal fencing because it is cheap. However, metal will rust as it ages and can be damaged easily by strong winds.

Most companies who make plastic fencing make it out of a high density polyethylene that is very durable and can withstand strong winds and storms. This type of plastic is even durable during sub zero temperatures as it won’t crack.

The best thing about using plastic fencing is that it can come in many different types and sizes. You can choose from a picket fence or a post fence. You can also make your fence short for cosmetic reasons for your lawn and to keep your dog in, or you can build a 6 foot fence for privacy between your family and your neighbors.

When choosing to install plastic fencing yourself it is important to read the instructions properly and know how to successfully install it. When installing you can place the posts anywhere from four feet to ten feet apart. The closer the posts are together, the more durable your fence will be. It is also important that before you order and install your fence that you check with your local building department to find out what permit requirements are required. You also need to call your local utility department to find out if there are any buried electrical lines or gas lines on your property. If there are, they will need to come out and flag the areas.

Before you decide on installing a gate it is important to understand that they are very tricky to build and install. You may want to purchase a pre-made gate to make things easier on you. When attaching the gate to your fence it is important to use heavy duty hinges to keep the gate secure.

Since plastic fencing is much more durable and lasts longer, it makes the most sense to use plastic. Although you may spend a bit of money on your fencing, you will end up saving more money in the long run.

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Comments (2)

Plastic fencing is may be more durable and cheaper option for some, but wooden or metal fences has their own place.

Great article! Congrats!